remix #6 interpol at the disco

interpol re-imagined as a ZE Records mutant disco white label from the early 80s. trying to go for the avant disco pop vibe of kid creole and the coconuts or was (not was). i'll refrain from any more music nerdery name dropping ;-)

remix #5 violent femmes vs. gnarls barkley

what do you get when you have the violent femmes covering a gnarls barkley classic only to have it reshaped by steely chan? you get a steaming pile of bad ass, that’s what! this week's ear candy was inspired by italian movie soundtracks from the 70s. just in time for the new danger mouse/daniele luppi collaboration, rome ;-)

remix #4 adele in a psycho-funk stylee

i'm particularly fond of our latest remix...mainly because this is something we would release or perform as nlc! anyway, the prolific steely chan is back and strong arms adele and john legend in the studio to conjure a psych-funk reworking of rolling in the deep. the result is heavier than the heavy! click below to listen and/or download...

Remix #2 looks like our weekly remix series is the real deal ;-) track 2 is a jazz-funk reworking of john legend's used to love u. we're eventually going to separate the remix announcements from our news page and build a separate identity for steely chan. but until then, enjoy the funky sounds!

weekly remix project

seems like it's feast or famine around here. we've had a musical drought for awhile now....but that's about to change as of TODAY: welcome to our new weekly remix project!

hopefully the concept is self-explanatory: a free remix every week for your listening pleasure.  we'll be pimping the project under our steely chan moniker. in addition, the remixes will be compiled and released as mix tapes every couple of months. lots of opportunities to grab some new tunes under a release schedule that suits your needs ;-)

what's the agenda?

redress remix on omni2

hey ontarians, bust out your tivo or dvr of choice...all 3 episodes of redress remix will be airing on omni2 on saturday, 09.18 @ 10pm ET! hopefully it'll be airing soon on omni stations across the country ;-)

september shows

looks like we're finally coming out of the lab to do some shows...

9/11: the debut performance of our 'cinesonic' side project with iNSiDEaMiND at the super-cool junction arts festival

9/17: heading to montreal to perform at fanmi se fanmi 6, a wonderful community arts event

wfmu interview from 2007

found an old interview we did a few years ago on wfmu's coffee break for heroes and villains with our pal noah. listen as we discuss the virtues of jersey and learn where to find a good dosa in nyc.

new song for a documentary

check out a new track we composed for Redress Remix - a documentary feature & tv miniseries about the chinese canadian head tax.

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